We probably all agree that the most important person in a wedding is the beautiful bride. However, we know that her maid of honor, bridesmaids, mother and other ladies that participate in her wedding as guests and family are also very important.

For an example, lets talk about the made of honor. Her role, apart from the newlyweds, is the most important one – she is also in the spotlight with them. She’s the one that stands beside the bride at a register office or in the church and is with her in most of the wedding photos, so it is so very important that she looks perfect and beautiful. On the wedding day she is given a new, important role in brides’ life and that is a reason more to celebrate. We will help every made of honor to find a perfect dress for the celebration of this special, festive occasion.

We also care allot about bridesmaids. They also play a very important role in the wedding. Did you know that their role used to be to dress similar as the bride so they would confuse the evil spirits that want to harm the bride? Well, they do not need to fend off the forces of evil anymore, but they do have important assignments – to help the bride with her hair and make up, greeting the guests etc.

We like the bridesmaids so much that we offer them a special deal: they can order any dress from the boutique in different colours and sizes in a short notice. In that case, we offer a quantity discount.

Mades of honor, bridesmaids, mothers of brides and guests – Fashion Shop is a perfect place for you if you wish to make your dear bride proud of you.

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